Board of Directors

Joan Shaffer

Joan Shaffer

Joan Shaffer is a founder of Front Range on Track. She was elected to the Loveland City Council in November 2009 and serves as council liaison to the citizen Transportation Advisory Board, the Housing Authority of Loveland, the Loveland Downtown Team and she is a founding member of the city’s Office of Creative Sector Development. Joan represents Loveland on the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization. She also serves as a stakeholder on the Colorado State Rail Plan, is on the board of the Colorado Rail Passenger Association and on the Embrace Northern Colorado Leadership Team. Joan made her career in both the private and public non-profit sectors before establishing Silver Lining Strategies, LLC, a Loveland-based public relations firm, in 2006.

Joan is married to Loveland attorney, Mark R. Shaffer and together they enjoy the great outdoors and cultural activities of Colorado, traveling and reading.

Rob Osborne

Rob Osborne - Vice President

Robert Osborne grew up in Massachusetts and then moved to Colorado. He has four kids and owns and operates Avogadro's Number in Fort Collins. He enjoys hiking and snow shoeing and patronizes the arts. He is an active member of the Colorado/Wyoming Restaurant Association, Opera Fort Collins Guild and board of directors of Friends of the Poudre. After living 36 years along the front range, Mr. Osborne would like to see passenger rail become a reality and plans to devote time and energy to this endeavor. He sincerely hopes you will join him also, to get the "Front Range On Track".

Linda Bersch

Linda Bersch - Secretary

Linda Bersch, Board Secretary, is a retired regulatory compliance professional. For over twenty-seven years she commuted from Loveland to Denver for employment. Even though her commute was made easier by using vanpools and carpools, she has seen first hand the need for better transportation options for North Front Range commuters. Linda is a graduate of Denver Paralegal Institute and holds an AAS degree in Occupational Safety. She and her husband, Bob, have two grown sons.

Milan Karspeck

Milan Karspeck

Milan Karspeck is the Director of Research and Development at DigitalGlobe, a satellite Earth-imaging company. He was the mayor of Berthoud from 2000-2008, Berthoud trustee from 1994-2000, serving as the town representative to the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization from 2000-2008 and as chair for two years. Milan was also co-founder of Embrace Northern Colorado.

James Souby

James M. Souby

Jim Souby is President of the Colorado Rail Passenger Association (ColoRail) a voluntary organization that advocates for passenger rail and connecting transit services in and through Colorado. He serves on the Board of Front Range on Track (FRONT), a complementary rail advocacy organization, and he is a Colorado Representative on the Council of the National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP). He is a member of the Colorado Department of Transportation Transit and Rail Advisory Committee and several Department project leadership committees.

Jim is also a founding board member of the Policy Consensus Initiative. PCI is an organization of former governors, legislators and private leaders that helps state and local governments use consensus building techniques to solve public problems and create policy.

Jim’s state experience includes service as Executive Director of the Western Governors Association for 13 years. Prior to that he was selected by his peers as Executive Director of the Council of Governors Policy Advisors, an affiliate of the National Governors Association. His state service began in Alaska where he held several posts including Director of the Governor’s Office of Policy Development and Planning and Co-Chair of the Coastal Policy Council. In these capacities he helped oversee the state budget and oversaw the build out of the Prudhoe Bay oil field, among other efforts.

Following service in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam conflict, Jim moved to Alaska and founded a geological exploration firm. He and his partners also owned and operated a remote fishing lodge in western Alaska, and a commercial radio station near Anchorage. Through these business activities he met and supported the gubernatorial campaign of the legendary Jay S. Hammond, for whom he later worked.

Jim was born in Longmont, Colorado, and grew up in San Francisco and Chicago. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. His two grown sons work overseas. He and his wife reside in Denver.