passengers sittng inside a comfortable train

Woman sitting on a train working on a laptop computer

Put the Front Range Back On Track!

Tired of your commute? Trying to make your car, or gas money, last longer? Want to go to Denver, or Boulder, or Cheyenne, more often but you don't because of the drive?

There could be another way to get there. You could take a train. Picture this...

Board the train at a station near your home. Rush hour or not, you arrive in downtown Denver, Cheyenne, Longmont or Boulder without effort on your part. Commute to work, conduct business, see your medical specialist, take in a ball game or museum and when you're ready, hop back on the train and go home.

What's best, you travel without stress, and, if you wish, you're productive.

Front Range on Track is working to re-establish passenger/commuter rail in our lifetime, as a transportation choice in addition to personal vehicles. (We're advancing Colorado Department of Transportation's "preferred alternative" recommendation for rail service connecting city and town centers along the North Front Range to the Denver Metro area.

Passenger train service could provide the backbone for a transportation system that could tie existing transit systems such as buses along with future options such as shuttles, trolleys or car-shares into a seamless network that would mean real transportation options for the North Front Range.

This is the time to press for viable multi-modal regional transportation systems that provide commuters and travelers with options to car-only travel in the North Front Range. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) will issue a study of the Northern I-25 corridor this summer and if you have value for passenger rail within your lifetime, you will want to attend public hearings or send feedback to CDOT or both. To receive notice of public hearings, or information on when and where to submit your views to CDOT, please let us know how to reach you. Please email us or fill out the form on the Contact Us page.